They are located in Capo Caccia, you can reach them by sea, there are daily links to Neptune’s Caves from the port of Alghero, or by feet through the Escala del Cabirol (656 steps). This caves were dug by sea erosion.



Bosa is a charming village, where tradition and modenity blend. In the historic district of Sa Costa, there are colorful houses. They are located on the hill of Serravalle, dominated by the Malaspina Castle. From here you can admire the view of the whole town.

Bosa is 40 minutes by car from Alghero.



It is the biggest necropolis of Sardinia “premuragica” and was accidentally discovered in 1903 during the construction works of a house. A human skull and a tripod vase were found on that occasion.

The name of the site comes from the owner’s name.



The Asinara Island is a National Park (; You can reach it in several ways: by ferry leaving from Porto Torres, by boat leaving from the Stintino harbour or by Taxi boat leaving from Stintino.

The island is small, narrow and long-shaped with steep, rocky coasts. The coasts cover approximately 110 km and vary from one part to the other of the island. The east part of the island is covered by sandy beaches while the west part has rocky and steep cliffs. In general the island is characterised by a mountainous geography.

The high quality of its marine environment has scientific importance. The marine area has not only a wide variety and diversity of flora and fauna but also a great landscape importance and an excellent sea-water.



Capo Falcone is a promontory, a wild and unspoilt paradise. Its name comes from a Saracen tower called “Torre del Falcone”. The two sides of the headland offer striking contrasting vistas: the west coast view is marked by towering sheer cliffs rising above the so-called “outer sea”, dark blue and exposed to the winds. the east coast, on the other hand, offers a view of a tranquil clear sea, known as the “inner sea”, framed by enchanting beaches.



La Pelosa beach (Spiaggia della Pelosa), with its shallow turquoise waters and salty white sands, is a true Sardinian oasis and one of the best beaches of Europe. It is located in the Gulf of Asinara and it is protected by a natural barrier: the Capo Falcone sea stacks, the Piana island and Asinara, which protect it from the force of the open sea. Thanks to this natural barrier, the water is always calm, even when the northwesterly mistral wind is blowing hard.

In front of the beach there is a small island with a characteristic Aragonese tower built in 1578.



Is an imposing limestone promontory reminding of a sleeping giant. It is situated in the north-western end of Sardinia, overlooking the bay of Alghero and with the other promontory of calcareous rock of Alghero, Punta Giglio, encloses the large Gulf of Porto Conte. Because of its position it is equipped with a lighthouse that thanks to its height, 186 meters s.l.m is one of the most visible at a distance, about 34 miles, all over Italy and the Mediterranean. Known for the presence of the Caves of Nettuno.

How to get there

Today there are two different ways to approach Capo Caccia and the Caves of Neptune. By car, leaving from Alghero towards Fertilia, follow the signs for Capo Caccia and by boat, starting from the port of Alghero with the companies that make the excursions by sea, you get directly to the Caves.

Other highlights nearby include the important archaeological site Nuraghe Palmavera, or the abandoned mining town of Argentiera. All of these are completed by other small medieval towns and fishing villages, accessible by following the charming roads filled with idyllic landscapes of Sardinia. For those who wish to find more entertaining ways to spend time in Alghero, the city is also a great shopping and nightlife destination, as well as being renowned for its delicious and affordable cuisine.

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