Craftmanship in Alghero

artigianato sardo

Craftmanship in Alghero

Today I would like to talk to you about the craftsmanship of Alghero, a wealth that includes jewelry in gold silver filigree coral, handcrafted textile items on a loom, ceramics, rush baskets.


Coral has always been a source of attraction for tourists and enthusiasts and also a conspicuous source of economy

especially after the on-site training of specialized artisans who work what is now called ‘the red gold of Alghero’. The curious and passionate traveler who enters the small cobbled streets of the historic center, will be able to discover the small shops where coral is transformed by skilled hands, into precious objects.

This activity, so fresh and lively, because it is linked to the sea, has assigned the name of Riviera del Corallo to this stretch of coast in the North West of Sardinia, so called for the great importance of the red coral that is fished and processed in its waters. making jewels and ornaments of it since ancient times in Rome.

On via Gioberti  there is an artisan shop called LA GROTTA DEI PREZIOSI, where business becomes Art.

A touch of refinement, elegance and simplicity at very affordable prices! Each small jewel in filigree, hypoallergenic silver, is a miniature sculpture, a reference to tradition, which never sets. The business, born from the desire to carry on the family tradition for the passion of jewels, is a true reference point for Made in Sardinia goldsmith craftsmanship. You can find here, earrings, bracelets, goldsmith creations, pendants, necklaces at prices for every pocket.


On via Machin you will find a “WEAVING WORKSHOP” on traditional Sardinian loom. See Mr Tonello Mulas work on that ancient loom is like going back in time. See a set of threads that form fabrics is fascinating. His creations: bags, carpets in linens and wool, rugs, cushions, woolen pochettes, scarves and many other beautiful creations…

Painting and sculpture

On via Majorca you will come across a small shop L’ALTRA ISOLAwhich offers art objects signed by real artists such as Angelo Maggi and Antonio Farci: small sculptures in wood, ceramics, curtains, household linen, carpets, cushions. 

Collections in an evocative and unique environment where tradition, while remaining alive, is revived and sometimes reinvented with new techniques. 

Tradition and innovation such as Arianna Leoni’s ceramics and Mogoro’s tapestries. 

Of particular interest are the shawls that have become a masterpiece, silk and gold threads on fresh macramé wool and long fringes. Not just an accessory but an art object to be carefully preserved forever. Like all the objects you will find, unique that remain over time.

On via Roma you will find CORICREA bijoux and unique products made entirely by hand, the result of a conceptual philosophy of the artist Cori. Each set of small compositions contains a story, an emotion, a ‘light’ to wear as if it were a perfume. So green light for the creation of small bijoux that bijoux are not real small works of art inspired by the passion of the artist Cori for colors, materials, and poetry: crystals, stones, fabrics, metals give life to Unique dream collections, where bright colors contrast with the freshness and colors of the sea as always, the brown of the land of Sardinia and the warm embrace of its sun.

Sardinian baskets

Sardinian baskets are refined products of Sardinian craftsmanship. Tradition allows us to create baskets, rustic containers but also real furnishing accessories.

In via CAVOUR you will come across a room with countless hanging baskets woven by an elderly artist who has made an art out of his activity.

The art of weaving has spread a little throughout Sardinia since prehistoric times. The baskets have always been made with materials that are readily available on the island and with techniques that have evolved over the years. The types of baskets are different and the one to which I would like to bring the attention of those who read me is the processing of rush to create baskets in raffia. Green light then to multifunctional baskets adaptable to any environment, to hang on the walls or to be placed on shelves, of different sizes, conical, with lids, with or without handles, trays. Baskets once had neutral colors Today they have been enriched with more modern details and are more colorful. Green, red and blue were added to the classic black, although the artist mentioned remains tied to the tradition and natural colors of his land.

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