Sports holidays in Alghero…The paradise of sportsmen

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Sports holidays in Alghero…The paradise of sportsmen

Alghero territory to be experienced at 360 degrees: for  those who love a holiday full of nature, for those looking for peace in the countryside, or for those looking for a more active holiday dedicated to sport and hiking. Alghero is the destination to choose… that will surprise you!

The territory has natural landscapes and extraordinary inlets, uncontaminated views, natural parks and protected reserves. From the different shades of green of the Porto Conte Park to the shades of blue of the enchanting scenery of the Marine Protected Area. Different environments that intertwine with each other between the hills and the sea that offer a wide choice of sports activities, routes, excursions, explorations below and above sea level.

Wind Surfing, Surfing and Kite Surfing in Alghero

The beach can be a place of relaxation for many but also an ideal place to practice many water sports including WIND SURF.

If you love the sea and not just that of the sunbed and umbrella and you love to live it actively, you are in the right place, where the sea and the waves are not desired.

You can practice Wind surfing, surfing and kite surfing especially in the initial stretch of the Lido, a few minute walk  from the historic center, in the stretch of Mugoni beach, and in that of Porto Ferro beach, about twenty kilometers from Alghero.
They are very different spots both for the seabed and for the different winds that blow there.

INFO: Camping La Mariposa, Via Lido 22 Alghero. Phone: +39 079 950480. E-mail:

Diving: in search of solitary coves!

At Capo Galera for those fond of diving, 15 minutes by car from the city center, diving for experts and courses held by professional and qualified instructors. The sea is beautiful here, because the Cape is located on a promontory in the center of the gulf, in the middle of the Mediterranean scrub, in a white villa on the cliff. The place is magical, the diving areas are many and the choice is not lacking. A diving theater that offers possibilities to all divers, from beginners to speleologists.

INFO: Diving Center, Capo Galera Fertilia. Phone: +39 079 942110 and +39 3477000052.

Sailing: on a sailing boat on the trail of the myth!

Historical clubs that offer experiences for more or less experienced sailors are Yacht Club and Lega Navale, near the port. The best equipped beaches for sailing are Bombarde and Mugoni.

In the Gulf of Alghero, boat trips will make you spend unforgettable days in the uncontaminated nature of the coast. Starting from the port of Alghero, sailing for 50 minutes to Cala dell’Olanda, stop for a swim with snorkeling equipment available on board. Aperitif and return to the park of Porto Conte with a new stop to admire the local marine beauties.An experience full of fun and relaxation, immersed in a dream nature.
Here you can also book a stay of several nights on a sailing boat:

INFO: Yacht Club Alghero, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi. Phone: +39 079 952074.

Excursions by bike and horseback: path that you do..viewpoint that you find…

On the saddle of a bike or a horse you will find lots of fun and unforgettable nature. By bike, e-bike, mountain bike, or city bike you will have many itineraries and many excursions suitable for everyone.

For road cycling lovers, Alghero-Bosa is the route not to be missed. Fantastic scenic drive along the coast. Breathtaking descents, on the other hand, from Mount Timidone, which dominates Capo Caccia, for lovers of gravity disciplines.

And with the new e-bike, no path becomes impossible, because thanks to the assisted pedaling, even the less trained can venture into the most complex excursions reaching unexpected places.
And if the bike is not for you, through beautiful itineraries on horseback you can discover the territory of Alghero, advancing as far as Lake Barratz and the beach of Porto Ferro.


Trekking and Hiking

There are many trails for enthusiasts. To be mentioned cala Viola-Porto Ferro, between splendid views of the sea and the scent of the Mediterranean scrub. It starts at the state forest of Prigionette, continue towards the beach and Marina, past the tower that dominates the path continues to the beach of Porto Ferro.

From the path you can reach the sea in several points. Mandatory stops are Cala del Vino and Cala del Turco.
Path of the Dunes from Porto Ferro to the lake of Baratz.
Oasis of Punta Giglio. 5 marked trails
And so much more…..


Urban Walking

A pleasant walk between history and the sea that runs along the city and its historic center to the village of Fertilia, 8 km to admire the sea!

Starting point Colle Balaguer. Walk along the Valencia and Dante promenade leading to the Sulis tower, the most imposing of the 7 towers that mark the perimeter of the city. Beyond the tower begins the long walk on the ramparts surrounding the medieval village! You arrive at the port and the beautiful promenade along the sea that leads to the Lido. The area is pedestrian and cycle path and leads to the Pineta Maria Pia which runs along the beach of the same name and from here you can reach Fertilia, where the Porto Conte area begins.

And many other sports such as … running, fishing, motocross, swimming, tennis …..

If, on the other hand, you prefer the tranquility of a day with sun loungers and umbrellas or long walks on the seashore, you have a wide choice of beautiful equipped and … lonely beaches and bay.


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