Alghero has a historic past of great respect that festivals, and celebrations bring to life. This is why the capital of the Riviera del corallo, the small Barceloneta, attracts many tourists all year round. Especially for the traditions left by the catalan aragon dominations !The historic center is very charming and contains Catalan reminiscences.
Therefore not only beautiful nature, sea and beautiful beaches but also SAGRE  and FESTIVALS to celebrate their past traditions.

It starts with JANUARY/ FEBRUARY with the Bogamarí festival. The sea urchin festival of which I speak in detail in another article.
In FEBRUARY it takes place the carnival week with parades of carts and masks and folk songs.

MARCH / APRIL Easter period, from Holy Tuesday to Easter Sunday it is celebrated the most important religious event in Alghero, the Easter celebration with the processions through the streets of the city …very folkloristic.
The week after Easter it is also celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Valverde. A period of pilgrimage even on foot from Alghero, which begins with the first Sunday after Easter, until the first Sunday in June. On April 25th the Patron Saint of Fertilia, San Marco is celebrated.

In MAY the “shearing feast” is also very evocative to the rediscovery of the agropastoral traditions during which stands and educational itineraries are set up to introduce the ancient and modern methods of shearing and milking to the students and the curious! And the fabulous folklore feast in Sassari LA CAVALCATA SARDA  (see the article here). Besides the slalom SCALA PICCADA.

In JUNE the Feast of San Giovanni, Focs de San Joan, is organized in Alghero, where religiosity is combined with magical rites. On the Magellan ramparts the painters Los Pintores de la Muralla, from the Cultural Association Alguer Arte, create their works of art that will remain on display on the Magellan bastions until October.
For some years now, the final round of the World Rally has taken place in Alghero, which attracts many sportsmen coming from all over Italy to follow every movement and every stage of the race.

In JULY the Grand Prix Corallo of Alghero takes place to award authoritative figures who have distinguished themselves in Italy in TV, Cinema, Journalism, Sport … and the Feast of the Saint Christ of the Costera of Coral, the Feast of the Holy Christ of Coast of the Coral, consisting of a procession of boats and a submarine mass.

AUGUST is a very rich month of events, concerts and the first Sunday it is held the feast of Our Lady of Mercy, with a historic regatta of boats and the launch of wreaths of flowers to commemorate the Algherese soldiers who died in the war! In addition, on August 15th, a firework display is organized at the port…beautiful with final fish grill!  And a fabulous foklore feast LA DISCESA DE LI CANDERERI (see the article here)
The last week of SEPTEMBER you can attend the feast of St. Michael the Archangel, San Miquel, the patron saint of Alghero, which lasts 6 days with shows, exhibitions, concerts with artisans and musicians from Alghero who perform! The historic center becomes a sort of theater in the city!
The Feast of Santa Maria La Palma is also organized in this period as well as the Feast of the Madonna Stella Maris in Maristella, a village near Alghero.

In DECEMBER and JANUARY the party of Cap d’Any, New Year in Sardinia.
At Christmas and New Year’s Eve some interesting events take place :Christmas markets, exhibitions, entertainment of all kinds with craft shops that display their Christmas items and shows everywhere.
The city becomes magical, and a large tree full of lights is erected in the square of Porta Terra!

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