Gourmet tour…discovering the flavours of Alghero!

Gourmet tour…discovering the flavours of Alghero!


The Alghero cuisine is made above all by the sea, vegetables rich in flavor and so much simplicity and creativity that enhance the flavors of the dishes.


A kitchen where  the protagonists are the products of the earth, vegetables and tasty fruits and the fish of which the sea is reach along the coast.

Cousine of the Sea

The fish soup (Copaza de peix) made of fish of different species, is the most characteristic dish of the cuisine of the sea. It’s the one that most represents Alghero, as well as the Catalan lobster. It is exquisite, thanks also to the particular taste of some spices such as red pepper.

Spaghetti with sea urchins is a dish that can be enjoyed all year round. But the sea urchin is the king of Alghero cuisine during the winter accompanied by a good glass of Cannonau wine along the docks of the port. It is the protagonist of an event that is generally held in Alghero in March (bogomarí).

People meet at the port to savor the red pulp of this seafood accompanied by bread: it is a real delicacy. It is an event that provides the Catalan city with a remarkable cultural and gastronomic identity, since many restaurateurs propose it in their premises in different and delicious recipes.

Among the appetizers, almost all of the sea, we must remember the capunara. It is a dish based on crustaceans, anchovies, hard-boiled eggs and seafood, or the mullet roe sauce.  This famous sauce is excellent if spread on crispy toasted bread crostini.

The bottarga is excellent also sprinkled on spaghetti.

The Catalan influence emerges in a colorful and tasty dish in the famous Spanish paella, revisited to Alghero, with rice, saffron, vegetables, molluscs and crustaceans.

In these dishes there is just the best of the sun and the sea of ​​Sardinia.


Another local dish is the delicious “Catalan-style lobster” which is simply boiled and served on the table with salt, pepper and olive oil. You can enjoy sipping a good Terre white wine.

Then there is the “race in garlic” that is simply boiled and accompanied by a sauce made with tomato, parsley and garlic.

Cousine of the Earth

Among the earthen dishes, it is worth mentioning the aubergines of Alghero. They are baked in the oven with garlic, parsley and olive oil and savored with the excellent pumatas camona, the fresh tomatoes of the Alghero countryside, and the peuxtus, the seasoned lamb legs with a spicy sauce based on tomato, vinegar, garlic and chilli.

Typical Sweets

And .. for the sweets lovers, among the most famous, the “papassinos“, biscuits with raisins, almonds and walnuts.  Than taste the tasty “seadas“, typical fried scones stuffed with soft cheese and served on the table with honey, sugar or a slight molasses of figs and prickly pears.

To finish and to help digestion, we suggest to sip the
limoncello‘ and the fantastic fresh myrtle of Sardinia, the best known Sardinian aperitif.

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