Holidays in Sardinia 2020: Ready To Start Again With You!

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Holidays in Sardinia 2020: Ready To Start Again With You!

sTrue it will be a strange, particular, unique summer!

In short we could use many adjectives to emphasize that the holidays in Sardinia 2020 will be different, but still holidays!

Everyone is working hard to ensure that it is possible for the greatest number of people to spend a few days of relaxation, after the stressful period experienced in the first half of the year.

The airlines and shipping companies are already ready to guarantee social distancing and constantly sanitized environments. The same applies to accommodation facilities, such as hotels, apartments, farmhouses that have taken advantages of this forced stop period to guarantee guests healthy security.

Certainly the choice to rent an apartment provides greater guarantees of security. In fact there is no sharing of common spaces as happens for example in other structures.

Adopting suitable behavior to prevent or limit the spread of the virus as much as possible are now part of our daily lives. Even during the holidays we will have to continue to respect the rules learned.

Access to the beaches, for example, will be regulated to avoid overcrowding and to guarantee social distancing.

There are those who talk about booking beaches to give the opportunity to greatest number of people to enjoy the beautiful sea!

In order to leave for the holidays in Sardinia, there will be temperature checks on arrival and departure. Infections are currently very low on the island and the situation should not change. Currently flights and shipping companies do not transport tourists but the forecasts, if everything goes well, speak of possible reopening for the months of July/August !

If I Book And Then The Possibility Of Going On Vacation Will Be Prevented, What Shall I Do?


This is one of the main question we all ask ourselves.The fair is to pay for the flight, book an apartment and then not being able to leave, losing the amount spent.

Well it will not be like this! If in the worst case scenario, and we hope it is not realized, the health situation worsens and travel for tourism is prevented, the solutions are ready!

The airlines have already made every effort to communicate that flights can be postponed without additional commissions and also most hotels and apartments provide for the free cancellations and reimbursement of any deposits.

This is the policy I also adopt. Those who have booked my apartments for the first part of the season received a full refund. Tiziana apartment also follow sanitizing rules to guarantee safety and comfort to her guests.

If everything proceeds in the best way, once you arrive in Sardinia, it will be possible to reach the places of stay and during the holidays the rules must be respected, but it will be certainly worth of it.

Look at the positive aspects! We will not find ourselves in overcrowded beaches where finding a space is a miracle and where we find ourselves sharing very small spaces with unknown people.

This summer it will therefore be possible to discover a different, wilder and more peaceful Sardinia, which will be able to show visitors its wonders!

The water will be more beautiful, populated by animal species that  have taken over spaces once owned by them.

This summer Sardinia will show you its most beautiful side and it is certainly an opportunity you won’t miss!!!!!!

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