Holidays in Sardinia: where to go? Why to choose Alghero…

Holidays in Sardinia: where to go? Why to choose Alghero...

Holidays in Sardinia: where to go? Why to choose Alghero…

Legambiente-Touring Club this year compares 44 bathing areas in Italy and, once again, the sea of ​​Sardinia wins.

The criteria taken into consideration are the quality of the water, the attention to the environment, the possibility of excursions, diving, bike rides, jeep safaris and places that deserve a special visit or experiences difficult to forget.

Holidays in Sardinia, in the coast towns and in the most beautiful places, enjoying breathtaking views, crystal clear sea … it’s a nice idea!


Sardinia, a beautiful tourist resort, pearl nestled in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is an island to be discovered.

An ancient land, like the traditions that still characterize the strong identity of its people, hospitable by nature. Known mainly for its crystal clear sea, the island is framed by a thousand blue shades, which bathe the most beautiful beaches and the most beautiful places in Sardinia, in the enchanting coves sheltered among the granites. An earthly paradise immersed in the Mediterranean scrub, which during the summer smells intensely of helichrysum and myrtle and colors the intense tones of the sunset. Sardinia reveals an infinite series of peculiar aspects, landscapes, a world to discover and assimilate.

The tourist who wants to get close to his secrets, and know the island, will have no trouble finding uncontaminated and solitary places, charming little churches, nuraghi on a beautiful countryside, deserted rocky beaches, and long tongues of white sand, wild islets, woods and spots as far as the eye can see.

One could say that the Sardinian landscape undergoes the imprint of man in antiquity: in fact, here is another world still made of stone and immanent effect, that of archeology, with its extraordinary constructions, the nuraghi, considered one of the most visible architectural expressions of the prehistory of the Mediterranean. But, with regard to the work of man, considerable interest also reveals, from an artistic point of view, the churches in Romanesque style of Sardinia. The solemnities and popular feasts and the various forms of the typical local craftsmanship are of fundamental interest and still reveal a remarkable attachment to the past and its genuine traditions

Why to choose Alghero…


The combination of mild climate, beauty and variety of landscapes, warm hospitality of a depository population of ancient traditions makes Sardinia the ideal destination for active tourism. An outdoor gym-park that inspires all kinds of active tourists throughout the year. Sardinia is the perfect destination for travelers who live the holiday as protagonists: on the island they can practice any sport activity in unique and often uncontaminated scenarios.

Sardinia is the ideal land for those who love interacting with nature and looking for a journey a cultural and spiritual enrichment.

And just in the north, in the west side, ALGHERO is proposed as a destination for all tastes and therefore also for those who want to combine ‘sea’ ‘movida’ ‘culture’. Being a fairly large town rich in history, Alghero is ideal for those who want to experience a 360 degree holiday where the night-time fun, Alghero by night, can be accompanied to the sea and to the cultural proposals experienced during the day.

Sports in Alghero


If you love the sea immerse yourself in crystal clear waters and breathtaking backdrops to practice Alghero snorkeling, Alghero diving or fishing. Do you prefer the surface of the sea? You can dart on the surface of the water on surf boards or dragged by the sails of the kite, taking advantage of the island of the wind and flying over majestic waves. If instead of the adventure on the water, you want something more relaxing: Alghero canoeing and kayaking, or Alghero boat trip sailing or Alghero bike tours to explore the most interesting paths. Once back to shore, on the fine white sand of its beaches you can have fun with the great beach classics: soccer, tennis and volleyball. Sea all year round, but not only: Alghero trekking to reach coves to contemplate with open mouth, or to visit the hinterland and combine active tourism in Alghero history and Alghero culture. And yet you can go hiking in the Mediterranean or cross dense forests and climb slopes. While for ALGHERO more relaxing and refined itineraries there is also a choice of golf courses.

The Culture of Alghero


Alghero is therefore a mandatory destination and one of the most beautiful and interesting places in Sardinia, an important strategic point of the island and its history is told through spectacular monuments. Who intends to go to this magical place, can not but visit the archaeological sites that time has given us back: from the Necropolis of Anghelu Ruju, to the Nuraghe Palmavera. For those more interested in architecture, visit the Palazzo de Ferrera, the Palazzo del marchese d’Albis and Palazzo Lavagna. Splendid are the Cathedral of Santa Maria, dating back to the sixteenth century and the Church of San Francesco up to the famous and evocative Sanctuary of Our Lady of Valverde.

The Old town of Alghero


In addition to the historic monuments, Alghero boasts a breathtaking view of a crystal clear sea: the area of ​​Capo Caccia, rich in caves, is considered very important from a naturalistic point of view, including protected species such as hawks and red gulls. But there is also space to think about Sardinian taste and craftsmanship in the cobblestone streets of the ‘ALGHERO CITTA’ VECCHIA”. ALGHERO OLD TOWN. Narrow streets and little squares, especially picturesque shops with artisan shops and bars and restaurants where you can taste delicious seafood specialties and renowned wines. ALGHERO OLD TOWN has an indelible Catalan imprint, underlined by the dialect, an aspect that increases, together with the artistic and architectural testimonies, the peculiarity and the overall interest. Even the night life, ALGHERO AT NIGHT, attracts thousands of young people and not, to crowd the many bars, pubs, nightclubs and other places along the waterfront ramparts and in the OLD TOWN

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