Why visiting Alghero ? 5 REASONS TO DO IT

why visiting Alghero

Why visiting Alghero ? 5 REASONS TO DO IT

Alghero is a town located in the north west of Sardinia. It has undergone the influence of the Catalan domination , from which it inherited the language, customs and traditions.
Barceloneta, as it is also called, is a special place you will certainly fall in love with.
Choosing to spend a holiday here, having as a base a location in the historic center, is the best thing. So you can immerse yourself in a fascinating atmosphere, in the lively local life, while still enjoying the quietness. Alghero offers everything you want for your holiday: relaxation, good cuisine, the opportunity of visiting historic places, art and culture, a beautiful sea, proximity to other places of incredible beauty. Yes Alghero offers all this!

Here the 5 reasons why to visit Alghero

Beautiful sea

One of Alghero strengths. This town lies on a magnificent gulf and its territory is part of Porto Conte National Park and Capo Caccia Marine Reserve .Within a few kilometers  from the historic center you can reach beautiful beaches such as Maria Pia beach, Mugoni beach, Bombarde, Porto Ferro, Cala Dragunara. Each of these shores is unique the color of the sea varies from turquoise to intense blue to green. In some beaches you will find fine white  sand, or colored rocks, reddish sand. Every day you can discover different landscapes.

Alghero historic center

Alghero was originally a fishing village and its historic center is surrounded by characteristic towers and walls dating back 13th century. The period under the catalan aragonese domination has left indelible traces which are an integral part of the culture and customs of Alghero. This is seen by the fortification system that surrounds this fortress city , the architecture of the churches, but also the cuisine of Alghero.
It is this mixture of cultures that makes Alghero unique and full of charm.
Strolling through its little cobbled streets it makes us fall into the daily life of the friendly inhabitants. Every morning at the market you can buy typical local products. Immersing yourself in the streets of the historic center in the evening is something truly exciting.The shops of typical products are open to welcome tourists who stroll relaxed and the streets are full of life. In Alghero there is everything you could wish for your holiday. Restaurants that prepare typical dishes, fish and meat, clubs on the waterfront where you can sip a good aperitif or an after dinner drink, listening to good music. Fun is not lacking even for children. On the promenade there are colored rides.  After dinner the ideal thing is also to take a walk along the ramparts. You can enjoy a beautiful landscape, with the breeze coming from the sea , admiring the multiple stalls, where you can buy nice souvenirs.

Alghero cuisine

In the Alghero cuisine we find a mixture of local and Catalan tastes. There are many typical dishes and as a primary ingredient they have both meat and fish. The seafood ‘fregola’ is a reminiscent of Catalan ‘paella’. Catalan lobsters, sea urchins, culurgiones, anzelottos are the must-eat food accompanied by the carasau bread. In the same way I like mentioning the famous Sardinian pecorino, provole and also ‘porcetto’ and lamb. Finally let’s not forget the desserts, such as ‘seadas’ and ‘Catalan cream’, accompanied by a glass of myrtle. Honey and nougat also deserve a mention. There is anything for different tastes.

Alghero neighborhood

If you like accompanying your holiday at the seaside with the opportunity of going hiking and love the natural landscapes, once again Alghero is the destination for you. The activities that you can carry out, having this town as a base, are countless. The first visit I recommend is the one at the Caves of Neptune. You can choose between access by the sea or by land along the ‘Escalade the Cabriol’ with its 656 steps.
Do not miss an excursion to Asinara island, an experience that you will hardly forget.
A town with colorful houses that deserves attention is Bosa, to be reached along the beautiful panoramic road from Alghero. The coast is fantastic. Another place to be visited is Monteleone Rocca Doria, which is a small medieval village located at the top of Su Monte, one of the smallest village in Sardinia. Here you can admire the ruins of the ancient Doria Castle as well as spectacular panorama. Stintino also with its beautiful sea and white sandy beach is a must. The best beach in Sardinia.

Art and culture

Alghero is a town rich in culture and history, its buildings and churches have Catalan-Aragonese architecture. Among the most beautiful buildings in Alghero is the Cathedral of Santa Maria with its octagonal bell tower. Its late gothic style is typical of Catalan Cathedrals. Noteworthy is the archaeological Museum where very ancient evidence of the presence of man has been preserved since the protohistoric period.  Very important, the Tower of San Giacomo, the Tower of Porta Terra once the gateway to the fortified city and regulated incoming and outgoing traffic. Those who love archeology will surely visit the necropolis of Anghelo  Ruju and the nuragic complex of Palmavera.

So why visiting Alghero?

When planning a trip, we are often forced to make a choice between a beautiful sea or the opportunity of visiting the surroundings.  Combining culture and relaxation and taking advantage of our trip is not easy! And if we then add the chance of a good cuisine, the possibilities are further reduced! Well in Alghero you can find all this and it is precisely the variety of experiences that makes a holiday in Alghero absolutely unique!

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