“Riservato Beach Bar”, a magic place 3 minutes walk from apartments!

“Riservato Beach Bar”, a magic place 3 minutes walk from apartments!

Riservato Beach Bar in Alghero

It is so named for its intimate and relaxing atmosphere but open to everybody requiring bar and beach services.
Riservato beach bar is a lovely cove just a 3 minute walk from the apartments.
Hidden under the walls, it is difficult to imagine what you will find at the bottom of the short staircase, both for a pleasant day at the beach or for an evening drink.
The view is breathtaking, the location is fantastic, evocative and unique, a paradise framed between the rocks and crystal clear sea. Sun beds and umbrellas are available at reasonable prices. You can relax sitting comfortably caressed by the breeze, while admiring the thousand shades of blue and the promontory of Capo Caccia.
"Riservato Beach Bar", a magic place 3 minutes walk from apartments!

Riservato Beach Bar Alghero

The place is very impressive and on clear and sunny days, the rocks, lit up, take on various colors and the sea looks like starry. The sea water is fresh and clear with pebbles on the bottom, ideal for snorkeling.
In the evening, during the aperitif hour, positioned a few centimeters from the water, it is a unique experience to see the moon reflected in the water, while savoring good drinks at appropriate prices and the beauty is that you can enjoy the most beautiful sunset of Alghero, while you listen to a nice and discreet music selection, lying comfortably on the bed. It is an unforgettable, peaceful and magical location surrounded by nature.
You can enjoy typical Mediterranean dishes and even vegans to meet every need.
Riservato Beach Bar
Lungomare Dante, 28, 07041 Alghero SS
Phone Number: 331/5614121
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