Where to go for holidays after the emergency? In Sardinia

Where to go for holidays

Where to go for holidays after the emergency? In Sardinia

A recent research carried out on a sample of Italians who have been asked where they would like to go on vacations this summer has shown that most of them, after the COVID-19 emergency, want to go to the sea.
Which is the most voted region? SARDINIA
In this period of asking being to stay home, the mind has not stopped traveling, and the question everyone is asking now is “ will we be able to leave for the summer holidays?”
Many people as a precaution will give up their holidays as they are still too scared of what is happening in the world.
However there are many optimists who are confident that they can leave. On the other hand, the airlines, the hotels, owners of properties for rent, forward reassuring communications to their customers informing them that they will continuously sanitize their premises to ensure safety and the necessary distances.
However, all the optimists think of staying in Italy and therefore avoiding large displacements.
About 80% of these people think of Sardinia as a possible destination, to recover from the difficult moments  and unique situation that we have forced to experience, during this first part of the year.

What effect  has the health emergency generated in us?


We have certainly rediscovered values, such as the need to help each other, the great strength we have within ourselves, and above all the awareness of living in a WONDERFUL COUNTRY: ITALY!
Then let’s rediscover our lands, our extraordinary seas, our great culture and the Art present in every small village. Following the beautiful prospect that emerged from marketing researches, the Sardinian authorities are moving to try to guarantee compliance with all the safety rules for tourists.

Securing Beaches


Alghero is among the first realities to take action to make its beautiful beaches safe. The works have begun starting from the beautiful Maria Pia beach and involve the removal of pieces of waste. In this way it will be possible to gain additional space and be ready for the long awaited start of the season. As mentioned, these works will involve all the beaches of Alghero district, where the beach will be leveled and cleaned.
There is a great desire to recover and soon the possibility of starting the works , to arrange the bathing facilities , should be granted. They will require a complete reorganization, in view of the need to maintain safety distances and to regulate the influx of tourists.

Sardinia safe island!


The commitment involves the major Sardinian business realities that are working to make the whole Sardinia a safe island for tourists and also for the local population.
The interventions will concern the reorganization  of catering services, with the use of protecting devices by the stuff, the guarantee of observing the distances and the constant sanitization of the environments.
The desire is to make Sardinia a safe island, where you can go in complete tranquillity, to enjoy its variety and beautiful territory.
Here you can find beaches with a Caribbean flavor, others that refer to scenarios such as those found in the islands of the Indian Ocean. The hinterland, on the other hand, is wild with the widespread presence of archeological remains. The towns and villages with their narrow streets give a warm atmosphere and plunge us into the good daily local life.
There are endless places and reasons to go to Sardinia, from the famous Costa Smeralda to the uniqueness of the Maddalena archipelago. And yet the endless white beaches in Villasimius, the wild Sulcis and the wonderful RIVIERA DEL CORALLO with its pearl, ALGHERO!
In ITALY, in SARDINIA, there is everything you could wish!
So why to go elsewhere ?
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